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Great place
Monday January 23, 2017

We have soo much fun this place is the best



Monday January 16, 2017

This is a new club in Houston. First of all, the owner is an amazing lady. She is nice and easy to talk, very careful about the place. The club is small and clean. The staff is very nice and friendly. Sitting area is good and the best thing is (in my opinion) no smoking inside. Of course they have room for improvement and they are working on that. The meet and greet event was ok. In our opinion the problem was the DJ and the music he choose. If you want people get together you need to put music to make them want to get together. Easy dancing kind of music where there can be interaction. DJ was killing the mood often. Im sure he was trying his best but maybe he doesn't understand how his role in that enviroment. The owner couple took care of that trying to fix the situation. 
Another thing. In those M&G events the need to do something to get the couples together. IDK exactly what. some kind of sexy game, a contest or anything to facilitate interaction.
In general, good place.



Beautiful hostess, bartender and owner
Saturday January 14, 2017

We came in from out if town, the big D. And had the pleasure of attending this party. All three of these sexy women were fantastic. Josie the owner greeted us and gave us a tour. The facility was very clean. Nice Voyeur beds, with some very hot participants. BYOB facility and set ups are included with the cover charge. Definitely will return on our next visit to Houston. We recommend all SDC members to check it out.



TPC NYE 2016
Tuesday January 03, 2017

Great time with lots and lots of sexy people who were ready to play. Great time. There is a reason this is our favorite Houston area on-site club.



Pendulums first NYE Gala was a hit!!!!
Tuesday January 03, 2017

Had a terrific time, with some sexy couples and single ladies, at the Pendulum Club on their first NYE party. The venue was beautiful, the ballon drop and champagne toast was a hit. Will definitely be doing it up with them throughout the year.



Tuesday November 29, 2016

It was so much fun and very friendly! I love it there! :)



Halloween 2016 @ TPC 
Sunday October 30, 2016

Had a blast at TPC for their 1st Halloween party 2016! Best host in the city, clean club & outstanding staff! If you haven't been to TPC your missing out! Love you Josie! ;)



First Time there
Wednesday July 20, 2016

When we arrived we were greeted by Josie and given a tour. Club is spacious which made the crowd appear small but wasn't bad. The couples there that night were a little older than us. It was the weekend of BBB in Austin so we weren't surprised most people our age probably were out of town. The play rooms appeared to be clean and well maintained. One thing we didn't like was that there was only one private room. Sometimes we prefer more privacy depending on the crowd who would be watching. We are more selective when we play in the open. We didn't meet any couples that we felt attracted to but we are more selective by nature. All in all wasn't bad. Will probably be back again.










Review Date: Dec 11, 2016


So we wanted to go but could not find out much info about it. This review is for others who are considering. This club is great. The good: hot clientele that tends to be on the younger side, staff is on top of everything, well laid out club, music is loud enough to dance but you can still talk, and best of all, nonsmoking. This club is still getting established so the decor is a work in progress but fully functional. Also, crowd had a lot of newbies. If this club keeps going the way it is, I have no doubt it will become a super club in no time. We went on a Saturday, no single men and about 100 people. Play area was packed but we were able to get a private room during peak time. If you are worried about walking into a third world sausage party, don't be. This place has a safe, respectful, and sexy vibe from the people. This place is a diamond in the rough. We have no affiliation with this club and would have toasted it if our experience was bad, but it was good and we recommend.




Have been to TPC many times and will keep going!



We had a great time last night. Top notch club…


Nice new club for erotic dancing and more...


Attended the "Pimpalicious" party recently and had an absolute blast! Looking forward to future parties.



Looking forward to another fun night with Josie. Hope to see you guys there



Thank you Josie! We had a great time on the Girl/Girl night! We are looking forward to going to club again soon! Cheers!



We visited this club a couple of weeks ago and had a great time ! Looking forward to going back








My wife and I went to the club last night and had a blast,Josie and Kat were very nice and helpful, my wife felt the more comfortable there than at any other club that we have been. The club is clean and sanitary, and the other guest were very outgoing and friendly. We will definitely be going back.

Terry S


This place is amazing!  So much energy and so fun; I come often and always am pleased with everything. The staff is friendly, the music is always great, and we always have a fantastic time.

Kirk B.


This is a great new club for adults.  The whole place is immaculate, but especially the play areas.  The owner, Josie,  is a knockout who is as sweet and personable as she is hot.  She genuinely cares for her guests and greets every couple/guest personally and gives tours herself.  Also, her front greeter, Kat, is a doll!  The music is decent...nice, diverse blend.  It's also non-smoking, which is great.  An added bonus is their new toy. A very cool sybian!  Have yet to try it, but looks fun!  This is still a new club, so the word of mouth needs to spread.  Definitely a must-see.  Very chill and definitely a good time!

Brandi W.

For many years we stopped going to clubs due to smoking.  It was awesome to find this club that is smoke free (smoking area outside).  When we got there the owner Josie was busy, so we found a place to sit, then Josie showed up and gave us a tour of the club.  Clean sheets on the play area's and plenty of towels and personal wipes at our finger tips!  The music is interesting to listen to not only what the DJ plays but songs requested by others in the club.  I'm not much of a dancer but did get up and danced a few times. For the first time my other half felt safe and loved in a club like this.  Thanks Josie!

Tom D

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago.  And I had a blast the music, the people the atmosphere was great . I definitely will be going back. 

Carmen E.


I cannot say enough great things about this place!

First, the entire staff is absolutely amazing, but the owner is outstanding. She personally greets us every time we are there, and even remembers our names although we are not frequent. She is so friendly and personable that we always feel like we've known her forever. Meeting Josie and her staff is reason enough to go to Club Pendulum.  

It gets even better though. This is the cleanest alternative lifestyle club in town. There is staff on hand ready to clean up immediately after some of the daring folks who are there, so that others may enjoy the facilities without worry. Very discrete; Very tasteful crowd seems to be there each time we've been. 

Overall, I want to give a shoutout to Club Pendulum and all of their staff for being the most amazing, fun, and friendliest lifestyle club that we've ever been to. Thank you all for being amazing

Annika H.


My wife and I went for the first time and from the beginning it was great.Friendly service, great atmosphere, music was good and the couples very nice, will be coming back.

Carlos G


This is a great club.  Josie has done a beautiful job making this into a must go to club for adults.  Her staff is always circulating to help the guests. The music is good and getting better every time we've been.  The people going are fun and friendly.  Keep up the good work Josie, we've made this our new home.

William G.


This is by far the best lifestyle club in Houston.  We really enjoy the whole space - it's laid out well, the atmosphere is great, the music isn't so loud that you can't have a conversation with people, and the play area is not only already included in your nightly fee, but it's really nice and has great options for all different types of experiences.  The couple that started this club is also working hard and are super nice and very friendly.  Can't say enough good things about this club!



Ive been to a couple of lifestyle clubs, unfortunately most are kinda dirty...This one is new the staff is very attentive. The owner Josie was quick to call me back when I left a vm on the main number, I was very surprised. They have a free "set up" which was also a surprise it is the good stuff not cheapo. Music is great club seems to be catered to the women which is not a bad thing at all. I didn't go into the special rooms not my thing. They have a really cool bracelet type of system which kinda tells everyone your status makes everything less awkward.

Apollo K


This is a new club!  It's nice to finally have somewhere for us to go on the NW side of town.  There hasn't been anywhere in a few years and it's nice to not have to drive all the way to the South side or to Spring.  Now onto the club itself.  This place is nice, smells great, and is super clean.  It happens to be in the same parking lot as Glamour Girls so to get our night started we stopped by there first.  That place wasn't bad at all.  The only downfall was they allow smoking.  Then we were able to just walk over to The Pendulum.  The staff was friendly and fast getting us in the club.  The waitress was super friendly and got us set ups quickly.  Nice set ups too, not the cheap stuff.  The DJ played great music and on top of that the play area has different "sexy" music.  That was a nice touch.  There were not a lot of other couples there, but this was only their second weekend open, and I'm sure it will pick up.  The best part about it though....couples actually talked to one another.  I cannot tell you how many times we have gone to other clubs and never met another couple because everyone has a group.  We met two other couples that night and had a blast!  I hope this place stays around for awhile.  It's great and in a great location also super close to a hotel.  It just doesn't get any better.   Also, if I was a single female I would feel very comfortable coming here.  There was zero creeper vibe.

Stephanie L





Last night was our first time going and we enjoyed it was an amazing experience and definitely look forward to coming back

A & B Ramos


    • Please add me to your mailing list. My red-headed other half and I visited TPC for the first time on Friday, March 16. It was also the first time we have ever been to a swingers club. Josie's inviting energy immediately enveloped me so that my jittery nervousness turned to butterflies of excitement and possibility. I was so at ease I didn't even hesitate at the end of the night when my devilish spouse demanded I climb up on what seemed through my eyes (and petite stature) a manifestation of the bed from the fairy-tale "The Princess and the Pea," (with the lovely wicked twist of being one of three). He desired to play as we always have; yet with an audience that we could carnally titillate, our "usual" play drew us closer to the fantasies we aim to manifest in our future. We will be back to continue satiating our curiosity.

    • katlarlyle

  • Pendelum is the only club we go to. Thanks Josie, for making it an awesome comfortable place.

  • mary6620



Nice atmosphere... The owner is cool. You will have fun here. Great DJ and mixed crowd. Lots of seating area and space for whatever your heart desires. Very respectable and upstanding place


 This place was amazing ! Me and my husband were completely new to the lifestyle and we felt completely comfortable and had a great time ! As soon as we talked ourselves into actually going in was the complete opposite of what we imagined ! We were greeted by the friendliest people! We ended up having so much fun with newbies just like us! I'm so glad we decided to step outside our comfort zone ! We will def be back !





 The atmosphere was very fun. The club was clean and the people were all amazing. The owner is very nice and the staff is all very friendly and helpful. We had an amazing time and will definitely go back.





 Very clean place , me and my wife love this place , is very clean ,and they play the music that you ask for , also very friendly atmosphere, highly recommend this place, better than ***  big time!





 Incredible night was everything I was hoping for me and my partner had fun and loved the atmosphere. Very well run establishment!!!!





 Had a good time here with a friend...very relaxed environment on a discreet location where the couples are friendly..curious and ACTIVE...the blonde female owner is very charming and helpful during your visit here ..what I like about this that there are rooms where you can play in the open with onlookers or potential joinees or you can use a private room with your partner after viewing all the energy from other couples coupling..filled with fresh sheets ..towels ..sanitized ..wipes ect for your use as a member... I have many friends I wish 2 bring in for future excitement





 Just went for the first time last night, and we gotta say- jackpot! We're not new to swinging but we're new to clubs- and we won't be going anywhere else! The price of great, made a true value when you factor the BYOB and free mixers for your liquor- plus, all the play areas are free! No classist VIP sections or fee for private rooms here. Said areas were all clean and classy, and everyone ranged from young 20 year olds like us to older but still got it! The owner showed us the club herslef and she was fantastic, as was the staff. The ONLY critique would be the music- it ranged from too slow to medium energy, and it fluctuated styles too much. I suppose there's some merit in trying to please everyone and maybe I'm just a "youngin'," but more pumped up/high energy jams/beats and more pop would get more dancers on the floor and keep the mood elsewhere less lulled. Other than that, 5 stars!





 What an amazing club with fantastic, friendly staff. We are not new to the scene, but new to the area, and already feel right at home. Wonderful club with great facilities. Highly recommended for newbies and seasoned pros.





 Had a great time... we can't wait to go again





 I've been to a couple of lifestyle clubs, unfortunately most are kinda dirty...This one is new the staff is very attentive. The owner Josie was quick to call me back when I left a vm on the main number, I was very surprised. They have a free "set up" which was also a surprise it is the good stuff not cheapo. Music is great club seems to be catered to the women which is not a bad thing at all. I didn't go into the special rooms not my thing. They have a really cool bracelet type of system which kinda tells everyone your status makes everything less awkward.





 Loved it so much fun!



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