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The Pendulum Club (TPC) is Houston's only woman owned and operated lifestyle club.

Centrally located at 14448 Hempstead Rd., at the opposite end of the strip center from Glamour Girls Gentleman's Club left of The Sports Bar. The Pendulum Club is in a perfect location easy to get to from anywhere in Houston.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT A STRIP/GENTLEMAN'S CLUB WHICH PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT. We are a non smoking, non-vapor, BYOB private membership social venue. We provide ice, cups and mixers free of charge. However, if you prefer, you may bring your own favorite mixers as well. Access to all areas of the venue is included with your cover charge.  We cater exclusive to over 21 consenting couples , single women and select singles men (single men are allowed on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights only).  

As a woman in the lifestyle, it is my desire to create a female-friendly atmosphere that is attractive to the experienced swinger and especially welcoming to the curious or not so experienced couple. 

At The Pendulum we host a nightly event in which we strive to make you feel comfortable, safe and non-pressured. I want you to be able to come in, relax, have a beverage, dance, sit alone with your lover, engage one another, socialize with others, watch, be watched, or, if you prefer, join other like-minded consenting individuals in intimate private interaction. The level of fun is left entirely up to you, and we girls know that nothing happens unless we say “yes”! If at anytime during your visit, in the unlikely event, you feel disrespected or harassed please let us know and we will immediately handle the situation. 

Tickets are available at the door on the night of the event and may also be purchased online.  In order to purchase tickets, at the door or online, YOU MUST HAVE A PROFILE, which you can do by clicking the above NEW MEMBER button. Existing members can skip this step and click on the PRE-PURCHASE button. A picture is required but if you do not care to share a picture of your face then feel free to attach any other tasteful image/picture (some members take a picture of their finger, shoes, wall, etc..).  Existing members can skip this step and click on the PRE-PURCHASE button. As a new or existing member, when you arrival at the club present your photo ID you used to register to our hostess.  She will explain certain rules and regulations collect your $10 nightly membership fee and the nightly cover charge. You will be provided a wrist band which you can then enhance with our exclusive color buttons that will help others identify your interest(s) while at the club. This unique method will signal to others precisely why you are there and will let you know what others are seeking. It is our special way of helping you relax and making your visit more enjoyable.

You will then step into the main dance floor area where you can head to the bar and pick up your ice and beverage mixers, then grab a seat at a table and enjoy the music. You can also step right into our select area where you may be seated on one of the many booth that surround our separate dance stage where you ladies can let the exhibitionist spirit in you come alive specifically for your lover.  As the night rolls on, whenever you are ready, join other consenting like minded members and wander into our back area where you can visit our private room , as a couple or with new friends. If you choose, you can also check out our veiled beds and group bed area which is surrounded by several couches. This sexual area is the perfect place for our adventurous members who enjoy watching, being watched and participating with others. We also have an area, FOR COUPLES ONLY, near the main exit door which has 2 private rooms & 2 semi private veiled beds. Participation, in this area, is never a requirement and feel comfortable in knowing that many of our members choose to only watch and later go home and have a passionate night reminiscing about their visit.  However, if you prefer to join in remember to always be respectful and that NO MEANS NO!

Whatever level of fun you choose,  we know you will leave with a smile and a strong desire to come back very soon!


Feel comfortable in knowing that on most nights over a third of our visitors are also first timers not anxious to participate but to enjoy the lifestyle atmosphere.  Know that we will gladly give you a tour of the club providing you arrive before 10:30 P.M.  I want you to know that we work hard to make sure the club is fresh, clean, sanitary and safe for us girls at all times and if you ever need anything or see anyone violating our rules please let me know and I promise you we will deal with it immediately!


Have fun and thank you so very much for allowing us the opportunity to welcome you.

See you Soon!



Last night I went to your club for the second time. This time bringing the man in my life. Last night was incredible!! I am an extremely self-conscious person and I was able to feel completely comfortable and completely at ease while enjoying him and myself fully. Thank you for your establishment and I appreciated the comfortable atmosphere you provide that allowed me to have a magnificent experience. I have discovered over the last several years that I am more of an exhibitionist then I allowed myself to realize, and I was able to tap into that part of myself. And feel completely free while being exposed in a situation that could under other circumstances feel extremely intimidating and uncomfortable. So I just wanted to say thank you for a comfortable safe space to have an absolutely amazing experience.


For additional information please call  281-857-6040

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